Terms & Conditions

  • The Facility Rental Agreement must be AGREED by the renter and the fees paid by the renter before the booking is considered active and before any IAS facilities are used.
  • All individuals on IAS property must behave with civility, respecting the values of diversity, free inquiry, mutual respect and the quiet enjoyment of others.
  • The renter agrees: a) to abide by all  IAS policies and regulations, all Provincial and Federal laws, and City bylaws; b) to only use the facility for the purpose stated above and no other; and c) that the IAS is not responsible for damages or loss of any articles belonging to the renter or their guests.
  • The IAS has the right to manage and restrict the use of IAS facilities at its discretion. Limitations on use of facilities will be for reasons of priority of use or safety and security of persons and facilities, or to comply with IAS policies.